uniqprobe™ -uniform quality SPM probe for contact mode

The NANOSENSORS uniqprobe combines the well-known features of the other NANOSENSORS AFM probe series such as high application versatility and compatibility with most commercial SPMs with the additional advantage of a strongly reduced dispersion of force constant and resonance frequency. The unsurpassed uniformity of the mechanical characteristics of the uniqprobe series is particularly important for applications, where a large number of probes with known and near identical force constants or resonance frequencies are needed. The sensors of the uniqprobe series are especially adapted for molecular biology, biophysics and quantitative nano-mechanical studies.
NANOSENORS qp-CONT AFM probes are designed for contact mode AFM imaging in air or liquid environments. The CONT type is optimized for high sensitivity due to a low force constant. 
The probe offers unique features:
- Small dispersion of force constant and resonance frequency 
- Typical tip height 7µm 
- Typical tip radius of curvature smaller than 10nm
- Stress free cantilevers with considerably less bending
- Tip and cantilevers are made of a quartz-like material
- Reduced drift for applications in liquid environments
- tip repositioning accuracy of better than ± 8 µm 
 (in combination with Alignment Chip)
- Chemically inert

This product features alignment grooves on the back side of the holder chip.


shape: Circular symmetric

height 7 µm 5.5 - 8.5 µm -
radius 10 nm - 15 nm


shape: beam

length 125 µm 120 - 130 µm -
width 35 µm 33 - 37 µm -
thikness 750 nm 720 - 780 nm -
force_constant 0.1 N/m 0.08 - 0.08 N/m -
resonance_frequency 30 kHz 26 - 34 kHz -
Артикул Цена Количество
950--qp-CONT-10 43713.27
950--qp-CONT-20 71103.98
950--qp-CONT-50 148008.66
950--ESD-Kit 15374.42