Tipless AFM Probe with 4 Different Cantilevers for Various Applications

Tipless AFM probe with 4 different cantilevers on a single AFM holder chip.

Monolithic silicon AFM probe for various applications (Contact Mode, Force Modulation Mode, Tapping Mode and Soft Tapping Mode); 

The AFM holder chip fits most commercial AFMs as it is industry standard size. It is compatible with DI/Veeco AFMs, TM Microscopes, JEOL, Molecular Imaging, and other commercial atomic force microscopes (AFMs).

The main advantage of this product compared to regular, single-cantilever AFM probes is the freedom to choose in the very last moment the right cantilever for each application. You don't need to stock various AFM Probe types any more. Nevertheless, this product is not meant as a substitution to comparable single-cantilever AFM probes, because the geometry of each one of the All-In-One cantilevers differs from the geometry of comparable specialized single-cantilever AFM probes.

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shape: Tipless



shape: beam

length 100 µm 90 - 110 µm -
width 50 µm 45 - 55 µm -
thikness 2.7 µm 1.7 - 3.7 µm -
force_constant 40 N/m 7 - 7 N/m -
resonance_frequency 350 kHz 200 - 500 kHz -
Артикул Цена Количество
537--AIO-TL-10 31071.4
537--AIO-TL-50 103867.48