Premounted Tapping Mode AFM Probe with Long Cantilever, for Quesant/Ambios AFM systems

Rotated, monolithic silicon AFM probe for non-contact high frequency applications (intermittent contact, tapping in air);
Symmetric tip shape;
The AFM holder chip fits most commercial AFMs as it is industry standard size. It is compatible with DI/Veeco AFMs, TM Microscopes, JEOL, Molecular Imaging, and other commercial atomic force microscopes (AFMs).

BudgetSensors' Tap190-G features a longer cantilever and it's meant as an alternative to BudgetSensors' Tap300 probes series, when the feedback loop of the AFM system doesn't accept high frequencies (400 kHz) or when the detection system needs a minimum cantilever length > 125 µm. The scanning speed of Tap190 series AFM probes is slightly slower than the scanning speed of the Tap300 series.

Consistent high quality at a lower price!

Premounted AFM probe on a Quesant T-plate for Quesant AFM systems. Based on a BudgetSensors Tap190Al AFM probe.


shape: Standard

height 17 µm 15 - 19 µm -
setback 15 µm 10 - 20 µm -
radius 10 nm - -
half_cone_angle - - -


shape: beam

length 225 µm 213 - 237 µm -
width 38 µm 29 - 47 µm -
thikness 7 µm 6.5 - 8 µm -
force_constant 48 N/m 20 - 20 N/m -
resonance_frequency 190 kHz 130 - 250 kHz -
Артикул Цена Количество
497--Q-WM190-10 33283.73