Contact Mode AFM Probe with Special Alignment System

The XY-auto-alignment probes for Contact mode application with a Reflex coating extend the plug-and-fit alignment concept of the Alignment Chip (ALIGN) to 450 µm long cantilevers optimized for contact mode applications. Probe exchange with a tip repositioning accuracy of better than ± 8µm is possible for all probes of the XY-alignment probes series – independent of their cantilever length. This series is adjusted to the tip position of probes with a cantilever length of 225µm.

As a matter of course, the features of the proven PointProbe® Plus series such as high application versatility, compatibility with most commercial SPMs, extremely low and reproducible tip radius as well as a precisely defined tip shape are maintained. The excellent tip radius and the minimized variation in tip shape provide more reproducible images and enhanced resolution.

NANOSENSORS™ PPP-CONTR AFM probes are designed for contact mode (repulsive mode) AFM imaging. This sensor can also be used for force-distance spectroscopy mode or pulsed force mode (PFM). The CONT type is optimized for high sensitivity due to a low force constant.

    The probe offers unique features:
        - excellent tip radius of curvature
        - highly doped to dissipate static charge
        - Al coating on detector side of cantilever
        - chemically inert
        - high mechanical Q-factor for high sensitivity
        - tip repositioning accuracy of better than ± 8 µm (in combination with Alignment Chip)


shape: Standard

radius 7 nm - 10 nm


shape: beam

length 450 µm 440 - 460 µm -
width 50 µm 42.5 - 57.5 µm -
thikness 2 µm 1 - 3 µm -
force_constant 0.2 N/m 0.02 - 0.02 N/m -
resonance_frequency 13 kHz 6 - 21 kHz -
Артикул Цена Количество
483--PPP-XYCONTR-10 37076.29
483--PPP-XYCONTR-20 60042.35
483--PPP-XYCONTR-50 122935.63