Silicon Nitride AFM Probe

Leading edge in sharpness and durability

NanoWorld Pyrex-Nitride probes are designed for various imaging applications in contact or dynamic mode.

The Pyrex-Nitride probes have silicon nitride cantilevers with very low force constants and integrated oxide sharpened, pyramidal tips. The probe series features a support chip that is made of Pyrex. The TR series features two different triangular cantilevers. Both sides of the chip have identical cantilevers. All cantilevers are stress compensated and have a 65 nm chromium / gold backside coating for high laser reflectivity.

All chips are pre-separated prior to shipment and come in Gel-Pak containers. Additionally this probe offers an excellent tip radius of curvature. The cantilever bending is below 2°.


shape: Pyramid

height 3.5 µm - -
radius 10 nm - -


shape: triangular

length 100 µm - -
width 13.5 µm - -
thikness 0.5 µm - -
force_constant 0.32 N/m - -
resonance_frequency 67 kHz - -
Артикул Цена Количество
436--PNP-TR-20 43081.18
436--PNP-TR-50 90909.57