Tapping Mode AFM Probe with Long Cantilever and Plateau Tip

The Plateau Tip series based on the well-established NANOSENSORS™ Silicon-SPM-Probes exhibit an intentionally blunt tip with a well-defined circular end-face located at the free end of a micromechanical cantilever. This plateau is formed by focused ion beam milling out of a symmetrically etched tip building a rod on top of a conical tip.

NANOSENSORS™ PL2-NCL AFM probes are designed for non-contact mode or tapping mode AFM (also known as: attractive or dynamic mode). The NCL type is offered as an alternative to NANOSENSORS™ high frequency non contact type (NCH). PL2-NCL is recommended if the feedback loop of the microscope does not accept high frequencies (400 kHz) or if the detection system needs a minimum cantilever length > 125 µm. Compared to the high frequency non-contact type NCH the maximum scanning speed is slightly reduced. This probe type combines high operation stability with outstanding sensitivity and fast scanning ability.

Upon request customized larger plateau diameters can be realized. Other shapes are also possible upon request.

The probe offers unique features:

- plateau diameter of typically 1.8 µm
- single crystalline silicon
- highly doped to dissipate static charge
- chemically inert
- high mechanical Q-factor for high sensitivity
- precise alignment of the cantilever position (within +/- 2 µm) in conjunction with the usage of the alignment chip
- compatible with PointProbe® Plus XY-Alignment Series


shape: Plateau

plateau - - -
plateau - - -
plateau - - -
plateau - - -


shape: beam

length 225 µm 215 - 235 µm -
width 38 µm 30 - 45 µm -
thikness 7 µm 6 - 8 µm -
force_constant 48 N/m 21 - 21 N/m -
resonance_frequency 190 kHz 146 - 236 kHz -
Артикул Цена Количество
433--PL2-NCL-10 88802.59