Diamond Coated Tapping Mode AFM Probe with Long Cantilever

NanoWorld Pointprobe® NCL probes are designed for non-contact or tapping™ mode imaging and offer an alternative to our high frequency non-contact type NCH. The NCL type is recommended if the feedback loop of the microscope does not accept high frequencies or if the detection system needs a minimum cantilever length (> 125 µm). This probe combines high operation stability with outstanding sensitivity. Compared to the high frequency non-contact type NCH the maximum scanning speed is slightly reduced. All probes of the Pointprobe® series are made from monolithic silicon which is highly doped to dissipate static charge. They are chemically inert and offer a high mechanical Q-factor for high sensitivity. The tip is shaped like a polygon based pyramid.

For applications that require hard contact between tip and sample this probe offers a real diamond tip-side coating. This coating features extremely high wear resistance due to the unsurpassed hardness of diamond.
The typical macroscopic tip radius of curvature lies in the range between 100 and 200 nm. Nanoroughnesses in the 10 nm regime improve the resolution on flat surfaces.


shape: Standard

height-10 - 15 µm-
radius100 nm--


shape: Beam

length225 µm220 - 230 µm-
width37.5 µm32.5 - 42.5 µm-
thickness7 µm6.5 - 7.5 µm-
force_constant72 N/m48 - 105 N/m-
resonance_frequency210 kHz175 - 245 kHz-
Артикул Цена Количество
605--NW-DT-NCLR-10 117246.79
605--NW-DT-NCLR-20 203422.17
605--NW-DT-NCLR-50 439087.62