High-Aspect-Ratio, Tilt Compensated Special Tapping Mode AFM Probe

Metrology Probe M1

Multipurpose probe with excellent lifetime and reliability for high aspect ratio and high resolution applications. The nanotools®M1_NCH_13 tip is designed for non-contact/high frequency mode, in particular for automated AFM systems for in-line process control as well as general purpose AFM.

The high aspect ratio part of the probe is made from HIGH-DENSITY, DIAMOND LIKE CARBON (HDC/DLC), thus offering the extreme durability of diamond together with high resolution imaging capability. The stiffness/Youngs modulus is 8 x of that of silicon. Applying our patented EBD (electron beam deposition) technique we ensure a stiff and rigid high aspect ratio probe of superior symmetry and nanometer precision.

A 100 % quality check by SEM for every tip, high scan speeds, flexibility in combination with stiffness, 13 deg tilt compensation and optimized cost per scan are key parameters. The M1_NCH_13 is used by leading fabs worldwide for several AFM in-line monitoring tasks such as depth control or STI.

- EBD tip on NCH/TESP AFM cantilever
- tilt compensation: 13 deg +/-1 deg 
- length of the high aspect ratio spike: 800 nm
- diameter  at 600 nm tip length:  75 nm
- tip shape: conical, rotation-symmetric
- tip radius: better 10 nm, typically 5 nm
- 100 % SEM check; good tip guarantee.
- high mechanical Q-factor for high sensitivity.
- high lifetime substitute for silicon FIB probes.


shape: High-Aspect-Ratio, EBD

height 0.8 µm 0.6 - 1 µm -
radius 5 nm - 10 nm
half_cone_angle - - -


shape: beam

length 125 µm 120 - 130 µm -
width 30 µm 25 - 35 µm -
thikness 4 µm 3.5 - 4.5 µm -
force_constant 42 N/m 21 - 21 N/m -
resonance_frequency 320 kHz 250 - 390 kHz -
Артикул Цена Количество
390--M1_NCH_13-5 123357.02
390--M1_NCH_13-25 526744.4
390--ESD-Kit 15374.42