AFM Probe with 4 Different Electrical Cantilevers

Probes of the 11 series have four different cantilevers, two on each side of the holder chip. They can be used in various applications.

The DPE probes have a special structure of conducting layers applied to the tip that provides better signal to noise ratio on the scans of electric properties. The coating thickness is increased, which gives more freedom for using them in contact electrical modes. The probes provide better performance and higher contrast of electrical signals, while the ability to resolve the small surface details might be reduced. The probes can be used in electric AC modes when a study of the electric properties of a sample has higher priority.


shape: Rotated

height 15 µm 12 - 18 µm -
radius 40 nm - -
full_cone_angle - - -


shape: beam

length 500 µm - -
width 30 µm - -
thikness 2.7 µm - -
force_constant 0.2 N/m 0.1 - 0.1 N/m -
resonance_frequency 15 kHz 12 - 18 kHz -
Артикул Цена Количество
866--HQ-DPE-XSC11-15 55407
866--HQ-DPE-XSC11-50 129151.21
866--HQ-DPE-XSC11-100 229232.65