Special Nanoindentation AFM probe
For applications that require hard contact between tip and sample this SPM probe offers a hemispherical, symmetric and extremely smooth hard tipside coating. This coating, made of EBD diamond like carbon, features extremely high wear resistance. The types B50, B100 and B150 with radii 50 nm, 100 nm and 150 nm are available from stock - other dimensions with up to 500 nm radius are available upon request.
The probe offers unique features: - EBD, high density carbon tip
- reliable and precise tip dimensions
- clean, smooth surface; no tip artifacts due to nanoroughness
- hydrophobic surface properties
- high mechanical Q-factor of cantilever for high sensitivity
- tip radius: 150nm +/- 10 %

This product features alignment grooves on the back side of the holder chip.


shape: Standard, Sphere, EBD

radius150 nm--


shape: Beam

length225 µm215 - 235 µm-
width28 µm20 - 35 µm-
thickness3 µm2 - 4 µm-
force_constant2.8 N/m0.5 - 9.5 N/m-
resonance_frequency75 kHz45 - 115 kHz-
Артикул Цена Количество
320--B150_FMR-5 128097.72
320--B150_FMR-25 542546.73
320--ESD-Kit 8526.74