Force Modulation AFM Probe with Tip at the Very End of the Cantilever

Optimized positioning through maximized tip visibility

NanoWorld Arrow™ FM probes are designed for Force Modulation Mode imaging. The Force Constant of the FM type fills the gap between Contact and Non-Contact probes. Furthermore Non-Contact / TappingMode™ imaging is possible with this AFM probe.

All SPM and AFM probes of the Arrow™ series are made from monolithic silicon which is highly doped to dissipate static charge. They are chemically inert and offer a high mechanical Q-factor for high sensitivity. The probes feature a rectangular cantilever with a triangular free end and a tetrahedral tip.

Additionally this probe offers an excellent tip radius of curvature.

The unique Arrow™ shape with the tip position at the very end of the cantilever allows easy positioning of the tip on the area of interest.


shape: Arrow

height - 10 - 15 µm -
radius 10 nm - -


shape: beam

length 240 µm 235 - 245 µm -
width 35 µm 30 - 40 µm -
thikness 3 µm 2.5 - 3.5 µm -
force_constant 2.8 N/m 1.4 - 1.4 N/m -
resonance_frequency 75 kHz 58 - 97 kHz -
Артикул Цена Количество
295--ARROW-FM-10 31914.2
295--ARROW-FM-20 50982.34
295--ARROW-FM-50 103130.04
295--ARROW-FM-W 495765.31